Ojai Valley

In Ojai Valley, we undertook an exceptional project that centered around a seasonal residence, characterized by its serene surroundings and innovative amenities. With a focus on creating a harmonious living experience, we integrated only 5 carefully selected TVs to maintain a minimalist aesthetic. Elevating the audio experience, the property boasted an impressive 15 individually controlled audio zones, ensuring tailored soundscapes in every corner. The inclusion of an ADU gym with dedicated TV and speaker systems provided a space for fitness and entertainment.

The distinctive feature of the project was the incorporation of rock speakers thoughtfully placed throughout the property, seamlessly blending high-quality audio with the natural landscape.

The guest house has its own TV and has in-ceiling speakers in both the main entertaining area and the back porch, adding to the enjoyment and relaxation.

For enhanced security and peace of mind, a network of surveillance cameras was strategically installed, enabling remote property monitoring from afar.

To offer utmost convenience and control, we established a comprehensive network infrastructure that spanned the entire property. This network facilitated centralized management of landscape lighting and audio systems, exemplifying a sophisticated fusion of technology and outdoor living.

The result was a unique and harmonious retreat that seamlessly combined modern comforts with the tranquility of Ojai Valley

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