Proactive Sports Performance

We undertook a remarkable project to transform Proactive Sports Performance into a captivating audio-visual haven. With precision and artistry, we installed 12 sleek TVs, strategically placed throughout the facility, to enrich the environment with stunning visuals. Adding an air of elegance, we designed and integrated two custom Seura mirror walls, concealing hidden TVs seamlessly within the architecture. To enhance the auditory experience, we created 12 distinct audio zones, allowing personalized control and immersive sound in various areas. In public spaces, we implemented sophisticated BrightSign software, gracing the TVs with captivating videos and advertisements during business hours. Emphasizing seamless control, we harnessed the power of Crestron automation, empowering users with iPads and touch screen wall panels to effortlessly manage the entire audio-visual ecosystem. To facilitate engaging presentations and meetings, we installed two interactive touch screen TVs, fostering collaboration and connectivity. This project showcased our expertise in crafting a harmonious blend of technology and aesthetics, delivering a captivating audio-visual experience that surpassed expectations.

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